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LiveJournal for simon lappalainen.

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Monday, July 25th, 2005

Time:11:30 pm.
this will be my most serious entry yet and i'll even use punctuation for it. plus, it's not even april fools so this is the real deal.

this has been an emotional time for me. i don't think i've cracked a joke in a few hours so that's bad news. dan's left lj. actually he's been gone for a while now. he was my backbone here and everywhere else so now i feel like a spineless jellyfish just waiting for some unsuspecting victims to come by so i can sting them for fun. if you haven't heard, i've left hoobastank. it's not that i hate them or they hate me and kicked me out like incubus did to dirk, it was bound to happen. i wanted to pursue other things. what this basically means is that i'm never going to be as famous as i was with hoobastank and every future project i have will be a failure. but the real reason i left is because it's time for me to settle down and do normal things. i'm not getting any younger so it's time i looked into things like finding a nice woman and spreading my seed. i'm sure most of you didn't know, but i'm in my 30s so reality is beginning to sink in. although there are a lot of people who do it, i can't go around and get drunk all the time and constantly be on the move. i know this is ruining my p.i.m.p. status for you all, but it's the truth and that's all i can give you right now.

i don't know what all of this means for me in terms of life and this journal, but we'll see how it goes.
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Monday, June 27th, 2005

Time:9:27 pm.
i guess it turned out to be a good thing that dan's going to be gone because i can plan out his birthday/the trip to tahoe in peace. maybe i should advise him to leave the lady friend and kid at home because we're going to fuck him up pretty badly. doug, chris, brandon, jason i expect you all to be there with beer in hand and ready to smoke like you've never smoked in your life. there will be plenty of booze and cake because what is a birthday without decent cake? idk

parker i expect you to be there naked with bells on too
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Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

Subject:hi leigh welcome back kinda
Time:10:26 pm.
i hope you all had a happy memorial day weekend although i'm not sure how that can be happy to begin with. but even i wouldn't stoop as low as cracking jokes about deceased people so i will stop there. i think i'm somewhere that isn't home so it explains why there are so many strange people around me. no i'm not talking about the band but they are pretty strange too. i like that when we visit most other countries, weed isn't illegal so we can smoke it up as we please. in fact i am doing so as i type. skills bitches, skills. it's too early to sleep so i thought i would update before i forget because i might get kicked out of mbp again and i can't do that to my r.r.

he is one of the most disgruntled little bitches i have ever seen and it's really entertaining i heart foamy even though he's a ratty looking squirrel animal

so if jeb bush is really running for president in 2008 i am seriously moving to finland bye.
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Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

Time:8:27 pm.
i don't know where the hell i am or what the hell i am doing so don't even bother asking how the tour is. saturday was vappu like ville said and that's all i need to say because i'm sure all my finnish peeps understand. all i know is that tomorrow gives me a good excuse to drink mexican beer and dance around with a sombrero on like an idiot having a seizure. of course there is some huge deeper meaning behind tomorrow that should make any grown man cry but does anyone really remember why we celebrate the 4th of july other than to blow up shit or why we all liked columbus day only because it gave us a day off of school? i didn't think so either thanks take it easy on the beans though please because the ozone layer is depleting as it is

there are no words jhop for life
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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

Time:11:06 pm.
we are in san francisco currently and i'm not surprised a bit that the majority of our audience tonight was composed of guys because we're in the hardcore gay capital of the universe. i bet they were all here to see doug and i bet forest light was disappointed because he couldn't get any chicks tonight. also i hear brandon's hot girlfriend is here with us so i will have to go make friends with her and give her a special tour of my bus

i would say more but i'm too excited that it's 4/20 in an hour i hope all you suckers celebrate accordingly
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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

Time:8:20 pm.
it's my birthday, who do i get to spoon with
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Monday, February 21st, 2005

Time:10:56 pm.
my friend linked me to this and i can't remember where i found it but i saved the most important part:

me: so to make a new .sex file, you put the .man file into the .wmn folder?
me: >>
me: but you might have a virus if you see a .std file
me: it says "cannot move this file because it is in use by the system" when i try to put this .man file into the .man folder
me: oooh i have to change the file extensions to .dck and .ass
me: >>

yuki: LOL
narcosis: no >> ass folder
me: right
me: its yaoi.exe
narcosis: wait o.O do i even want to know what your doing?
me: ass.dll and dck.dll >>
me: why isnt it working?!
me: OH i forgot to extract the dck.dll from the .zip >>

narcosis: geeky comp perversion <<
??yuki: lol
me: ok yaoi.exe is running
me: *norton pops up* A VIRUS?!

i don't even need to say anything else that text stands on its own
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Sunday, February 6th, 2005

Time:8:14 pm.
fuck yes thank you patriots for winning me more money to buy weed with. tonight those guys are going to be getting more ass than even chris does in an entire month that is horrifying yet a bit exciting adam vinatieri is the man oh and apparently dan dragged me to a superbowl party brandon had id idn't even remember he was back i am a bit drunk k

beatle or not this year's halftime show was a drag compared to last year's. i mean i didn't expect paul mccartney to show his nipple so i don't think that can be topped

we went and did our thing in southeast asia. a few weeks ago we put ourselves up for auction basically for one of kroq's fundraisers for the tsunami. someone bid $26000 for us to play any gig they wanted and it better not have been dan berman because that would be fucking embarassing really though i am afraid to find out who would pay that much for us to play i mean it was for a good cause and all but shit we would probably play if someone supplied us with food. i am also very proud that we were the single auction who raised the most money take that travis barker and your drum lessons jk you're a badass motherfucker

time to do my patriot victory dance to duran duran now bye
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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

Time:2:15 am.
i was going to update my journal but as the saying goes

but then i got high
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Tuesday, January 11th, 2005

Time:10:34 pm.
dan please never not be online again and leave me alone in weezyland
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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005

Time:11:04 pm.
for some REASON i wanted a churro really bad tonight and i didn't know where else to get it so dan and i are going to disneyland tomorrow. it was too late to go tonight and if we go tomorrow we'll have the whole day to explore both themeparks. i told him to bring his kid so hopefully people think we're the parents. i don't know how i'd react if someone asked me about breastfeeding maybe i'd slap them and then start crying and grab my chest who knows. then i had the idea of asking dirk to come along with his kids but i don't want to be responsible for any injuries. dan and i voted for dirk being our designated driver because we're going to bring flasks in and drink because disneyland probably doesn't sell booze and hopefully none of us will end up in a wheelchair by the end of the day or with hypothermia don't worry we'll bring you all back mickey ear hats with your names on them

all of this is for a churro i hope the stupid fucker is worth it. it better taste good
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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005

Time:10:07 pm.
wherever you are douglas sean robb, you are my favorite asian person ever even over derek kwanzaa and i still think you're one of the best singers out there despite the bad bleach job and dating dan. we have to have a celebratory dinner at ruby tuesday's and reminsce about old times before i get alzheimer's and forget the old times or you even existed happy birthday buddy savor your hair while it's still on your head
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Saturday, January 1st, 2005

Subject:i want dick clark's job
Time:1:18 am.
i am slightly drunk but my judgment is still entirely intact i think. i wouldn't want someone calling me their baby daddy a year from now so i am being careful. if i were billy idol i'd be insulted to perform on the same show as good charlotte. dick clark couldn't even get kanye west to perform what is that shit. we were on fox but i like abc better because i used to watch tgif all the time don't hate

i think proposing to someone on tv on a new year's eve show is so fucking stupid and kind of corny. if you really wanted thousands of people to see it you could just make a really really big banner and attach it to a plane and propose while you're skydiving through a ring of fire. at least that is original alright and it would be how i'd propose. i tried it on dan once but that shit didn't fly and also i wanted to kiss him at midnight but brotha let me down. i didn't want bronchitis so doug was out of the picture and chris is off getting his mack on so

wow some country musician is rapping about country briskets what is going on? i wonder where this kissing someone at midnight tradition originated from. i think it was some drunk horny guy's ploy to get some action and it caught on. i bet it was one of my ancestors
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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004

Time:7:26 pm.
is alicia keys around because i would really love to be her boo

i watched the movie or whatever you want to call it supersize me last night and it was really funny in the sick wow people are so fucked up way. i wish i could sue my parents for me being short or something. it's really their fault for mating and i hope you all see where i am going with this.

despite my last post i still choose to live in america because we have the most mcdonald's and you know i like a girl with a little meat on her bones. ahahaha just kidding i don't want the broad to suffocate me

dan's favorite holiday may be halloween partly because he likes candy corn but i love christmas because i love candy canes and it is the one holiday where being short and somewhat tubby is socially acceptable what up elves holla back. green and red aren't my favorite colors put together but you bet your ass i wear them well. i'm going over to chris' house to help him spread the christmas cheer aka tp some houses because we are obviously 14 years old when we have time off. regression back into childhood can be wonderful if you share your experiences with the right people

doug's sick and we're back for the holidays so if anyone wants to shoot the shit let me know and i'm there
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Thursday, November 4th, 2004

Time:3:45 pm.
good thing i am finnish but see you in 4 years anyway

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Thursday, October 28th, 2004

Time:8:43 pm.
leigh and myself

they even have our height difference and my fashion style right
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Tuesday, October 12th, 2004

Time:9:20 pm.
i don't know how many times i have been added and removed and added back to mbp but thank you ville i really appreciate your finnish people loving ways. you got my back and i've got yours so i will try to make your life easier by updating more often. i would still buy you that rectum romeo doll okay that is how much you mean to me which is a lot by the way if you didn't catch on

mandy and i were watching the debate the other night. i don't want to say we were watching it together because we weren't in the same place but we did watch it somewhat at the same time and it's amazing how long i was able to talk to someone about politics. okay you caught me i was making fun of how bush looked and sounded but he is kind of a politician so that kind of counts as talking about politics

if i weren't touring i would be going to a lot of concerts.

where is doug? it has been too long since a prank has been pulled and my fingers are just itching. maybe they are still itching from the powder that doug planted on all of us but you get that metaphorical or whatever reference

everyone go to jibjab.com and check out the cartoons if they still work because they are fucking funny, if not go check out their merch because it's just as entertaining. after that go to whitehousewest.com and watch the will ferrell thing he does the best bush impression ever

if dirk has taken in jason boyd then fuck i want a room to live in too what difference does another stoner make?
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Monday, September 13th, 2004

Time:9:36 pm.
i am really ecstatic about being able to play the la county fair because that's when you know you're real rockstars alright. i decided to get presents for everyone or actually just presents for me so i can wear them when i am around certain people

flavor flav is so profound no one can touch that man and his gold teeth

hi dan you get two shirts and one more because i am thoughtful
hi doug for doug to wear around dan
ahaha chris happy christmas
for dirk
hi dirk's wife
for amanda don't take this the wrong way because the message is really nice i swear
for jason
hi ville
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Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

Time:11:13 pm.
i love you dan
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Friday, July 30th, 2004

Time:10:12 pm.
no one knows this but i was at the democratic national convention in boston with my i <33 john edwards sign because it said vote for pedro on my shirt already.

that trl show premiered our video for same direction today or something. i wouldn't have even known if no one told me so that shows how up to date i am with our news. anyway i think i can die a happy man because i got to meet kanye west because he's in our video for like a second but that doesn't matter. that lip thing he's got going on really works with the ladies. he tried to teach me but i couldn't get it so whatever. don't make fun of my 2 colored mohawk okay i personally like it a lot.

i always knew doug would turn us into the cops what a true to life video
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LiveJournal for simon lappalainen.

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View:Website (no doug isn't gay stop asking).
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